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Here's what some of our residential, commercial, and construction clients have to say.

"Every attempt is made to ensure we are satisfied..."

“ Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Service has been a real pleasure to have on our team. They treat every job with professionalism and enthusiasm. Scheduling is easy as their crews are always right on track. Communication is also one of their strengths. Every attempt is made to ensure we are satisfied with their phase. We would not hesitate to refer these fine folks to anyone.”

- Cliff Francis with Elktone Interiors, Construction Cleaning Client

"... using Top 2 Bottom for almost 2 years ...and I have always been happy..."

"I have been using Top 2 Bottom for almost 2 years now and I have always been happy with this company. They are professional and our house always looks great. I not only have a clean house but I have a clean conscience since they use products that are environmentally friendly. They are a flexible and responsible cleaning service and I would recommend Top 2 Bottom to any busy household."

- Tanis Allan, Residential Cleaning Client

"... the quality and care of their work is consistent..."

"After using several cleaning services in the past I've often found myself inspecting areas of my home that were often missed! Not anymore! Since switching to Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services I no longer find myself dusting or wiping after I've had a clean because the staff are so incredibly thorough. I'm always impressed with the staff who are professional, hard working and trustworthy. Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services has been cleaning my home for over a year now and the quality and care of their work is consistent. Natalie is always easy to reach and is very accommodating - often able to help me out with a last minute clean! I highly recommend Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services to anyone who is looking for a truly CLEAN to bottom!!"

- Talia Smith, Residential Cleaning Client

"...a great asset to our office."

"Top2Bottom Cleaning Services has been a great asset to our office. Their staff is friendly and efficient. Each employee takes great pride in their work and it shows! The owner understands the business very well and will make suggestions to have things run smoothly and seamlessly. I highly recommend their services."

-Ray with The Calgary Police Association, Commercial Cleaning Client

"... very receptive to special requests..."

"It is such a treat to come home to clean house. Top 2 Bottom lives up to their name by providing exceptional cleaning services. They are also very receptive to special requests and feedback. I have recommended their services to many of my friends."

- Camille Maydonik, Residential Cleaning Client

"They seem to go the extra mile..."

"Having Top 2 Bottom clean my home has been a fabulous experience. They are very easy to deal with, accommodating and reliable. I continuously look forward to coming home when I know Top 2 Bottom has been to my house because I know the house will be spotless! They do all of the little things right. They seem to go the extra mile to make the house look wonderful! I recommend Top 2 Bottom to anyone!"

- Barb Roper, Residential Cleaning Client 

"... never a harsh chemical smell, just fresh, clean air."

"There is nothing better than coming home from work to a clean house. For over a year I have enjoyed Top 2 Bottom's excellent service. They do a fantastic job, cleaning places that I would forget or ignore. Top 2 Bottom has been very flexible, working around our schedule even when it changes at the last moment. I love the products they use. There is never a harsh chemical smell, just fresh, clean air. There is a moment when you walk through the door into your freshly cleaned home where nothing can remove the smile from your face."

- Abbie Park, Residential Cleaning Client

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