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A Clean You Can Count On

Let us help you to keep your job site clean and safe!

For $0.07 per square foot you can rest assured that every site is being cleaned ON TIME so that it will be in prime condition for the next trades to arrive.

Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services Inc. boasts three successful years of experience cleaning job sites for reputable clients in and around the Calgary area. Each member of our team is trained to give you the best possible clean, satisfaction guaranteed.

From the largest of new homes down to smallest of renovated basements, you can count on us to get the job site clean efficiently and effectively.

We offer an initial clean which follows the sanders and also a follow up clean to maintain control of dust after touchups have been made.

 Your Satisfaction is GUARANTEED

We stand behind our clean. Top 2 Bottom endeavours to exceed your expectations with every clean.

To ensure your satisfaction, our policy is to check cleans through random selection. This ensures you receive the best possible service at every clean.

Our Standard Clean Includes:

  • Scraping drywall mud from floors and window sills
  • Vacuuming floors to remove drywall dust and debris
  • Cleaning inside of newly installed bathtubs and showers
  • Dust removal from all ledges, window sills, vents and electrical outlets

Only $0.07 per square foot to keep your work place clean and safe!

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